Redmine and Passenger on Dreamhost

A few months ago I’ve updated and recreated my Redmine install to latest version. Currently I’m always running on the edge version.

However after update I was constantly receiving a 404, “no route to index.html” error…As I didn’t need it badly I left things alone. Just last week I’ve reminded myself of having Redmine and tried to fight the problem.

I’ve googled around, restarted Passenger for the application and tried a fix that was already posted at Redmine’s forums. To no avail…

Simply said: with mod_passenger configuration at Dreamhost I did:

  1. Copy dispatch.rb.example to dispatch.rb
  2. Made it executable (chmod a+x)
  3. Removed .htaccess completely

Works like a charm…


One response to “Redmine and Passenger on Dreamhost

  1. Awsome it works… thanks

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